I teach busy women how to

create a part-time business

that makes FULL-time income,

while living a life they love.

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Mindset Reset

Private NLP Intensive Session

2 x 90 Minute Sessions


Foundations to Freedom

Private Coaching

Six Month Program


Free to Scale

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Six Month Program


What You Get With Kimberly

An Experienced Coach

Kimberly has a master's degree in business administration.

She also has a background in marketing and entrepreneurship, and 11+ years of experience coaching and mentoring new business owners on strategy, confidence, motivation and time management.

A Mindset Mentor

If business feels hard or heavy (or even impossible?), you need mindset work!

Kimberly is a certified NLP practitioner who helps women break up with limiting beliefs using powerful and proven techniques like Mental Emotional Release and Sub-Modality Belief Change. 

Personalized Strategy

Business and marketing strategy is not one-size-fits-all.

Kimberly helps you design your business model and marketing plan based on your personality, unique strengths, core values, and specific business goals, so you can create sustainable success (and enjoy the process!)


“I started with a skill and had no business experience. In less than 6 months I have acquired enough income and confidence to quit my day job.

Now I’m working less hours, making more money, and spending more time with my  family. 

It’s the best investment I’ve made in my business. 

- Joann, Breathwork Practitioner

“Working with Kim has truly been a transformational experience for both my business and personal life.

In the past year, my business has transitioned from a hobby into a fulfilling and profitable coaching career, all while working part time. 

Most importantly, I'm thankful for the confidence I've gained since working with her.

- Alia, Chiropractor & Nutritionist

"Kimberly is a truly powerful success coach! Her vibrant energy just cannot leave you unchanged.

While recognizing limiting beliefs is her huge strength, her real power lies in providing potent tools, tailor-made exercises and actionable steps that I can use also beyond the sessions to continue creating the long-term transformation I’m committed to. 

Working with Kimberly has left me energized and empowered, equipped with the right tools and a new perspective, which is a powerful combination that keeps me on track and motivated."

- Anna, Transformational Coach, Founder of Miannah