Ready to reach your goals with a plan That actUally works?

Let’s do this. 

How  would it feel to...

  • Accomplish more in the next 3 months than you have in the past YEAR

  • Be completely in control of your time, energy and daily motivation

  • Actually REACH the big goals you set for yourself, instead of settling for less

  • Stop making excuses and start seeing RESULTS

  • See the BEST version of you finally shine

  • Quit doubting yourself and gain the confidence you need to live your best life

  • Be EXCITED to wake up every morning and CRUSH YOUR GOALS

This intensive helped me envision my best life and actually describe what my best life is - then outline exactly how to make it happen, rather than it just staying a dream.
— Nathalie, Newport Beach, CA

Have you ever felt like life just keeps going in circles and not knowing where or how to start? That’s how I felt, but Kimberly was able to point me in the right direction to start something amazing. Her focus is to give you the right tools and guidance to follow in order to be successful. Kimberly is an awesome coach who is present and ready to help.
— Ana C., Tustin, CA

What's included

Program Details

2 Hour Private Intensive

  • 2 Hour LIVE coaching call to create a personalized PLAN OF ACTION with detailed steps to follow

  • Easy action steps to create simple, yet powerful habit changes that help you REACH YOUR GOALS QUICKLY

  • Worksheets to help you create a detailed task list and STAY ON TRACK

  • 2 Weeks of follow-up emails to remind and encourage you to FOLLOW THROUGH

  • EVERYTHING you need to make this your BEST QUARTER EVER



  • Laser-focused LIVE + recorded coaching session to guide you to breakthroughs and help you grow your intuition, self-love, and genuine happiness

System + Support

  • Results-driven, proven step-by-step system to crush your goals

  • Supplemental resources to guarantee your individual success


  • Progress tracking and weekly check-ins to hold you accountable to your goals and action steps

  • Personal email support for 2 weeks


Kimberly is NOTHING like the rest of the things out there. She talks to you like a friend, with your best interests at heart, but with the knowledge and practical activities of a life coach, a business strategist and a cognitive counselor all rolled into one.

The best part about it is that these changes I’ve made are EASY! They are SUSTAINABLE! And with Kimberly, they are FUN! Do yourself a favor and give her a call.
— Breanna H., Irvine, CA

After the intensive, I felt like I had an impactful, strategic gameplan with detailed steps to reach my goals. Highly recommended to people ready and willing to take impactful action!
— Stephanie C., Tustin, CA


Kimberly's Reading List

A comprehensive list of easy and fun, must-read books that inspire [not overwhelm!]

Industry experts and authors writing about Success, Happiness, Health, Wealth, Positivity, Love, Motivation and more


I feel motivated to really make the best of the rest of my 2018. I feel like I’m capable of accomplishing my goals, now that I have them outlined in detail with daily action items.
— Marah, Long Beach, CA

A Love note from


There are a few things you should know...



I used to start resolutions on specific dates - usually in January, always on Mondays, and never on or near any holidays, or events...or anything that could potentially ruin my momentum and cause me to fall off track. I was afraid to fail if anything 'fun' got in the way [like, you know, LIFE, in general]. That fear held me hostage for a long time, and prevented progress when I could have been living my life AND getting the results I wanted. NOW is the time, because this intensive is not like a fad diet or a “quick fix” - it's a jumpstart to a lifestyle of freedom, self-love, joy and abundance. NOW is the time, because the sooner you start, the sooner you get there.   


I'm the type of person who loathes paying for anything that I can successfully accomplish myself. Broken garbage disposal? Give me a wrench and an hour with my BFF’s Google and Youtube and there's no need to call a plumber. I pride myself on doing things on my own, actually.

But I can tell you one thing right now: If you're here reading this, it's because you've already TRIED doing it on your own.

You've TRIED all the self-help books, motivational audios, and online resources, and yet you still haven't reached your goal. And that's because you need 3 specific things to get there:  a proven system, solid support, and unwavering accountability. All you need to do now is INVEST IN YOURSELF - invest in your life, your happiness, your future. Everything you need to reach your goals is waiting for you on the other side of this investment.


I love Instagram. And Facebook. And Pinterest. And I pretty much follow everyone I can possibly find with a "perfect" life because they "inspire" me. Sometimes. But other times I just stare at their perfect little photos and wonder what I'm doing wrong.  Remember that everyone is on a journey, and there will always be people ahead of you and behind you. You can get to where you want to be, too. And I'm here to help you get there.  

4. Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. 

If you find yourself unhappy with an area of your life, reflect on your thoughts, words and actions. Are they in harmony?  Are you thinking and wishing you had that thriving online business you saw scrolling through Facebook last night...and saying you'll "start on Monday"...but then you get "too busy" or you make up excuses, and nothing ever changes? Make a commitment now to SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF.

If you change nothing, nothing will ever change.

Great things never came from comfort zones.

Take a leap of faith.



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