How to Create 14 Extra Hours Every Week

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Ever wonder where the time goes??

We’ve all gotten lost in the black time abyss of social media. It’s not hard to do.

In fact, once you’re scrolling, it’s almost impossible  not to do.

Who knew your college best friend’s ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s life [on Instagram] could be so enthralling??

And as adorable as your friend’s 2-year-old niece is, at the end of the day, let’s be real - you don’t even know her, and you will probably never even meet her. So it makes more sense to use that time to spend quality time (in person, Facetime, Skype) with your own niece, who you know and love.

Not only do we waste hours of our precious free time getting wrapped up in other people’s photos, relationships, hobbies and beliefs, but we also start unintentionally comparing our lives to theirs. We start feeling less confident, less beautiful, less interesting, less EVERYTHING...and it's not pretty. 

A few tips to keep you from falling into the endless online time-sucking activities that we willingly subject ourselves on a daily basis...

Cut out (or cut down) on just ONE of these and you’ll gain an average of 2 extra hours EVERY DAY of free time.


    Think of it as a time to focus on your real priorities - like your husband, your best friends, your family, your goals. If a week break from your Facebook friends and Instagram followers sounds aggressive or impossible, try just ONE full day. Consciously make a decision to unplug, and commit to doing something meaningful during the time you would usually be pinning photos of your bucket-list vacations or e-stalking your college boyfriend’s wife and kid on Instagram.
    • Instead of  pinning photos of your dream home, take a small action that will actually get you one step closer to owning your dream reaching out to a potential client, or sending an update about your new business venture to your email list
    • Instead of  stalking your friend’s Facebook page, schedule a coffee date and actually talk to real life.
    • Instead of  scrolling through Instagram liking Tasty video recipes, go on a dinner date with your man. Try a new restaurant...with real, live food and drinks ;)
    • Instead of  pinning ‘fat burning tips’ and ‘bikini body moves’, GO OUTSIDE and actually move your body, break a sweat, breathe in some fresh air, and feel the sunshine on your face.

    ...or reading articles online that amplify the crisis’ in the world, or paying attention to anything that will be totally irrelevant within the next month. I’m not saying you should crawl under a rock and ignore current events entirely, I’m just advising you to be aware of the time you spend watching/reading/listening to news that probably doesn’t even apply to you, and likely lowers your positive vibe.
    • Instead of  reading about the hate, corruption, poverty, pollution, and despair in the world, DO SOMETHING about it. Choose a local cause (or start your own) and commit some time to making the world a better place for us, and for our future generations.

    If you’re going to search for answers related to something (that is actually useful and relevant to your life) on Google, Reddit, Yelp, Tripadvisor or any other “rabbit-hole” condoning/promoting/endorsing websites, set a timer.
    • Give yourself a time limit so you don’t start a quick search and end up 12 blog posts and 7 Youtube videos deep in a never-ending stream of less-than-life-changing free content. And don’t pretend like you’ve never committed this time crime. ;)

Once a week, write down all the things you love and hate. Then look at the patterns, and get the things you hate out of your life.

TO RECAP, these tips will help you create extra hours every week to spend on things that MATTER, and keep you positive and focused:

  1. Take a break from social media and consciously spend your extra time building real relationships with people you [actually know and] love.
  2. Limit negative content consumption, especially news that lowers your vibe and makes you question the good in the world.
  3. Set a timer when you do online research; be mindful of your screen time.
  4. Once  a week, make a list of things you love and hate, then purge the things you hate and do more of the things you love.

If you’re ready to make positive and productive changes in your life, schedule a  schedule a FREE Discovery Call, and we’ll uncover the three things keeping you from making significant progress on your goals, and the #1 thing that will propel you forward.

xo, Kimberly

Which social media platform (or other online platform) is your biggest time-suck and what’s ONE ACTION you’ve committed to doing (or not doing) to move closer to your goals TODAY?