3 Simple Steps to Get ANYTHING You Want

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Secret #1 of Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Women
+ How to Get Anything You Want

We’re going to cover your ‘WHAT’, your ‘WHY’, why your WHY matters, and then go through a short exercise to get to the bottom of your true desires.

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Secret #1 of Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Women:

They know WHAT they want, and WHY.

Successful women know exactly WHAT they want, and more importantly, WHY... from the characteristics of their future husband, to their desired income, to the specific goals they intend to accomplish this year. They are driven by a unique, genuine, unbreakable ‘WHY’ that motivates them to keep going when inevitable challenges arise.

STEP 1:   Know your “WHAT” 

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else.” - Yogi Berra

Basically if you don’t know WHAT it is you want, you probably won't get it.

WHAT do you want more than anything in the world?

  • What would make you ecstatic if you accomplished/achieved/acquired it?
  • What would make you feel proud? Or make your family proud?
  • What would make you feel happy? At peace? Amazing?

It’s super important that your WHAT is a deep, burning desire, because if you don’t really want something bad enough, it’s probably never going to be worth the time, effort, money, criticism or anything else you may need to sacrifice to get it. 

I worked for over 7 years as the liaison between entrepreneurs and investors. Some of these startup companies would come to pitch their business, and they’d throw out what seemed like an arbitrary number for the amount they requested in funding. The #1 question from the investors after the presentation was “EXACTLY how much and SPECIFICALLY WHAT will the money be used for?” Unfortunately many entrepreneurs lost all credibility almost instantaneously when they replied with a vague explanation, like “Expansion” or “Marketing”...the thing is, if somebody is going to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars of their hard earned cash into your business, you better know darn well where every dollar is going to be spent.

Similarly, I’d like to challenge you to explore EXACTLY what you want in life (or business, or love…), because if you don’t know specifically, you’re unlikely to ever get it. Think of it like a car purchase  - you wouldn’t go to a car dealer and tell them you want to buy a car, but then stare at them blankly when they asked what color, make, model and year you wanted, would you? Probably not. And if you did, it would take foreverrrr to actually sign the papers and drive off the lot. On the contrary, your car buying experience would be pretty quick and painless if you walked in and told the sales guy that you wanted a 2018 White Audi Q5. Get SPECIFIC!

Finally, and this might seem obvious, but it’s a HUGE roadblock for many women - you have to BELIEVE that you are capable of getting what you want. If you want something, but don’t actually believe that it’s possible for you, we might as well stop right here. Whether you believe it’s possible, or you don’t, YOU’RE RIGHT. So do yourself a favor and use the power of faith to overcome this potential hurdle.

STEP 2:   Know your “WHY

Hang in here with me, because this mini-exercise can feel a little redundant, but I promise you’ll have more clarity at the end of this quick series of questions. I learned this about a year ago from the book “Millionaire Success Secrets” by Dean Graziosi, and now it’s something I use frequently on myself and my clients. It’s called 7 levels deep, and I want you to answer the questions as we go along…

Start with your WHAT, then answer the following 7 questions…
[Yes, it's the same question written 7 times. But please DO NOT stop before you've answered all 7 times. Seven is the magic number in this ‘WHY’ exercise.]

  1. Why do you want that?
  2. What is so important to you about that?
  3. Why is that important to you?
  4. And why is that so important?
  5. Why do you want that?
  6. Why is that important?
  7. Why is that so important to you?

For example, if your ‘WHAT’ was “to create a 6-figure online coaching business”, then your 7 Levels Deep Q&A sequence could look like this...

  1. Why do you want that (to create a 6-figure online coaching business)?
         Because I want to create solid income to support my family, while doing meaningful work, and having the flexibility of working from home.
  2. What is so important to you about that?
         It’s important because I want to be in a good, stable, financial situation before I start a family, and I also want to be able to stay home with my future kids.
  3. Why is that important to you?
         I don’t want to worry about money, or put all the pressure on my husband to support our family, and I want us both to be able to spend quality time with our future kids.
  4. And why is that so important?
         I want my husband and I to focus on our family and priorities, rather than stressing about money, and I want to actively participate in the important milestones in my future kids’ lives.
  5. Why do you want that?
         I don’t want to argue with my husband about money or financial issues, like so many couples do, and I don’t want my kids to feel like a burden or like we don’t have time for them.
  6. Why is that important?
         Because I want to have a healthy and loving relationship with my husband and future kids, and have the time and money to do things that we love to do.
  7. Why is that so important to you?
         Because I want to be happy, have a fulfilling marriage, and have the time and financial freedom to share amazing experiences with my family like traveling, experiencing different cultures, learning new things, and giving back.

So the seven-levels-deep ‘WHY’ here is “I want to be happy, have a fulfilling marriage, and have the time and financial freedom to share amazing experiences with my family.”

Reality check:  Your ‘WHY’ should give you goosebumps. Or even better - It should make you feel like you just might burst into tears...of joy, hope, happiness, excitement, love...or any other tear-jerking-susceptible emotions.

This right here is VITAL because it’s what’s going to give you the motivation and determination to stick it out through the inevitable speed bumps and detours you’ll face on the road to your ultimate goal. Because when things get hard...really hard...you’re going to remember WHY you should keep going. WHY it’s worth all the blood, sweat and tears that you’ve poured into it.

If your ‘WHAT’ is a real, burning desire  within you, and your ‘WHY’ can move you to tears, you can literally achieve ANYTHING. It’s that powerful.

STEP 3:   take continuous ACTION

Sometimes this is the hardest part, but once you make it a habit, you’ll be moving with momentum in no time. If you’re stuck, and can’t seem to get unstuck or move forward, make a list. Write down everything you can think of to make progress, no matter how small or easy the task is.

For instance, if your goal is to build a website for your business, your immediate action task to move forward could be as small as googling website designers in your area, or signing up for a free trial on Squarespace. Some days the actions you take will be big, other days your best effort will be small. Persistence is key - you’ve got this, girl!

If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward. - Martin Luther King, Jr.

To recap, here are the 3 simple steps to getting anything you want:

  1. Decide specifically WHAT you want, and BELIEVE it’s possible for you.
  2. Uncover your genuine WHY.
  3. Take continuous ACTION.

If you need guidance or clarity on your unique WHAT and WHY, or you could use some support creating an ACTION PLAN, schedule a FREE Discovery Call, and together we’ll uncover what’s been stopping you or slowing you down from living your best life.

xo, Kimberly

Comment below with your WHAT and WHY, and one ACTION step you’re going to take right now to move closer to your dream!