How to Have a Massive Impact on the World

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You don’t have to give away everything you own, donate every dollar you have, or leave your husband to become the next Mother Teresa to have a massive impact on the world. All you really need is a positive attitude and a generous heart. Learn how to make a difference - without starting your own non-profit, or even leaving your hometown.

My grandpa is hands-down the most generous person I know.

He’s been this way ever since I’ve known him, even though he hasn’t always had the ‘means’ to give abundantly  or generously. He grew up on a farm with his two brothers, raised by their grandmother. He doesn’t like blue cheese dressing because it “tastes like black ants”.

Anyone who knows the taste of black ants definitely has more stories where that came from...

...and those stories probably don’t involve disposable income or a privileged childhood.

Contrary to popular belief, generosity is
NOT always about money.

It’s a characteristic of love, compassion, and selflessness and it can be expressed in many powerful ways. Often generosity that doesn’t involve money is more powerful.

“The law of prosperity is generosity. If you want more, give more.” - Bob Proctor

Here are a few ways you can spread generosity without spreading yourself thin or breaking the bank.

1. Give advice.

Maybe you have expertise in real estate and your friend is trying to buy a house. Give her some tips of things to pay attention to or costly common mistakes to avoid. Or maybe your neighbor is planning a dinner party and you happen to know the most delicious and least expensive catering company in town. Focus on giving suggestions that will benefit them, not just make you feel knowledgeable or important. And obviously don’t try to give advice to someone who doesn’t want your help.

2. Help someone.

Between work, family, kids, social activities and other personal obligations, most people could use a full-time personal assistant. Life can get overwhelming, especially if you feel like you’re a one-woman-show. If you want to be generous without spending money, offer to be someone’s personal assistant for a day. Choose a parent, friend or family member who could use some help out. Maybe they have a new baby, or a stressful job, or a sick spouse. You can help them with their kids, laundry, errands, cooking - anything that will take a load off of them and make them feel loved and appreciated. 

3. Cook dinner.

Everyone appreciates a home-cooked meal, especially if they're too tired or busy to cook for themselves! Pick someone you care about and let them choose a date and time that’s most convenient for them. Be thoughtful and prepare something you know they'll enjoy. You can even put on their favorite music or suggest you watch their favorite show after dinner. 

4. Donate stuff.

How many items of clothing do you have in your closet that you haven’t worn in over a year? Or that still have the tag attached? How many things do you have that don’t even fit you, but you’re holding on to them because you might gain or lose a few pounds?

Go through your closet, bedroom, office and kitchen and give away everything you don’t wear or use on a regular basis. Consider giving your things to someone you know who might need them, or to your favorite charity. Otherwise, you can just drop off your bags at the Goodwill or Salvation Army. Trust me - you’ll feel liberated, and you’ll be making a difference in someone else’s life too.

5. Gift your rewards points.

You probably know someone who could use a vacation more than you could. Use your credit card rewards points or miles to book a mini vacation, or even just a one-night staycation for someone you love - even if it’s your husband! #bonus ;) Or, use your rewards points or miles to go visit someone you love who doesn’t live near you but would love to see you.

6. Give compliments.

Compliments and kind words cost nothing, and they mean everything. Think of a time when a friend or even a stranger gave you a compliment or smile. You can make someone’s day with kind words and a positive attitude - just be sure to be genuine. Even a simple “please” or “thank you” goes a long way.

7. Forgive freely.

Sometimes we hold grudges for days, weeks, even years. Be generous with forgiveness and let go of past mistakes. Forgive yourself for holding on to fear or resentment and allow yourself and those around you to feel love and grace. 

In September 2017, my husband and I made a bold move from California to Guatemala.

We moved to help my mother-in-law through major back surgery, and support her orphanage while she was recovering. We've learned that although money is required to buy necessities, what these abandoned children need most is LOVE and TIME. They need to feel like they matter.

So we give generously, not financially, but emotionally. We share lessons with them, we help them learn new skills, we cook for them and teach them how to cook, we tell them kind and uplifting words, and we forgive them when they mess up. We are ruthlessly committed to their happiness and wellbeing, and they know they can count on us no matter what. We are teaching them generosity through love. 

To learn more about how I’m committed to generosity through compassion , community and time, check out our mission through Casa de Vida Guatemala.

To recap, spread generosity and use these examples as inspiration:

  1. Give advice to someone who could use your expertise.
  2. Help a parent, friend or family member.
  3. Cook dinner for someone you care about.
  4. Donate clothes, shoes or household items you don’t use.
  5. Treat someone to a one-night staycation with your credit card points.
  6. Give compliments and kind words abundantly.
  7. Forgive quickly and generously.


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Xo, Kimberly

What is ONE ACTION you’ve committed to doing TODAY to spread generosity and kindness around like confetti?