Instant Trick to Unlimited Happiness

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& a Good Morning Routine to
Set Yourself Up for an Epic Day

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I remember a time during my first real corporate job when I actually intentionally  chose NOT to upgrade to a smart phone.

I knew upgrading to a smart phone meant I would be expected to be available pretty much 24/7...especially since I worked from home and didn’t have strict or designated office hours. I held out for a while, and when I finally made the switch, I knew I was taking on a certain amount of implied responsibility in exchange for convenience, but I had no idea how much.

As time progressed, mobile apps advanced, and expectations increased. Answering emails and editing Google docs from bed at 11:30pm became my new normal. At one point I even started multitasking while I was driving. [I'm not proud of it, but at least I'm honest.] 🙊

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be the first to admit that the convenience of doing literally ANYTHING for work (or fun) from my iPhone is nothing short of MIND-BLOWING.

But I’ll also admit that when it comes to endless + ever-advancing technology, BOUNDARIES are CRITICAL. 

Without boundaries, we end up training ourselves and everyone around us (important or not) that we are relentlessly available to them at all times.

We end up giving up our precious personal time without even realizing. And worse, we end up sacrificing undivided attention and cherished quality time with our significant others, families and close friends.

In a culture with an increasing obsession over instant gratification, we’ve unconsciously trained ourselves to wake up and immediately check our phones. We’re anxiously awaiting the notifications that will tell us what we need to do today, who we need to respond to, and how much our friends are liking our latest social media posts. From the moment we wake, we’re already reacting to instead of creating our daily lives.

Unfortunately all of this reacting, along with the inevitable comparing and judging that comes along with social media, can lead to decreased productivity, lowered self-esteem, jealousy, stress, anxiety and a bunch of other ugly thoughts and feelings.

When we start the day focused on creating positive thoughts and intentional goals, we build healthy habits of confidence, clarity, and motivation.

A simple, but solid morning routine can set you up for a successful day, no matter what your plans are.

Good Morning Routine


Immediately when you wake up, before getting out of bed, spend 2 minutes [or more, if you want] praying or meditating about things you’re grateful for, any specific goals you have, and the most important things that need your attention today.

2.  MOVE:

Do two minutes of intense physical exercise. Obviously more than 2 minutes would be fantastic, but start with 2 minutes. Anyone and everyone can exercise for just 2 minutes every day. Try burpees, air squats, pushups, situps, planks...mix it up every day!

3.  WRITE:

  • Brain Dump: Write down anything that you’re worried about, that you need to remember to do today, or anything that is distracting you from being relaxed and focused.
  • Gratitude Journal: List [at least] 15 specific things you’re grateful for today. Don't stop before you get to 15 things.
  • Your Best You: Write down a few bullet points describing the person you want to be t oday. Purposefully prepare yourself for HOW you intend to act and WHO you intend to be. 

4.  EAT:

Fuel your body with at least 12 grams of protein within one hour of waking. My go-to’s are 2 eggs (scrambled or hard-boiled) or plain Greek yogurt with a little honey. Don’t skip breakfast! Your body needs the fuel to keep you focused and energized through the morning.

Instant Happiness Trick

Whenever [and wherever] you’re feeling stressed, anxious, worried, irritated or unhappy during the day, stop whatever you’re doing. Grab a pen.

Take 30 seconds, and write down as many things as possible that you are grateful for, no matter how small. 💜

Then, if you’re still feeling down, keeping writing! Don’t stop until you’re bursting at the seams with genuine gratitude. If you want, share something you’re grateful for with a friend.

Finally, set an intention for your mood (for example, “I am happy, relaxed and creative”) and go back to whatever you were doing with your new high vibes.

Other Daily Success Tips

  • Don’t check your phone 📲 [text messages, emails, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp...etc] for at least ONE HOUR after you wake up.

    Warning: This one hour is going to feel like 17 hours at first, but I promise you’ll get used to it - and maybe even LIKE it - after a week or so.
  • If you have a few minutes after you finish your Good Morning Routine, lovingly interact with the people who matter most to you.
    • This could be a kiss for your husband💋, an encouraging text to a friend, a quick voice message to a family member...anything that shows love or gratitude for someone you care about - this doesn’t have to be time consuming!
  • If you drive to work in the morning (or anytime during the day), listen to inspirational or motivational content ( has an extensive audiobook collection for a monthly membership fee of $14.99). Or, listen to high-vibe, uplifting music. 🎶

TO RECAP, HERE's how to start [and finish] your day in a great mood:

    PRAY/MEDITATE for 2 minutes when you wake up, MOVE for 2 minutes, WRITE in your journal, and EAT at least 12 grams of protein. 
    Take 30 seconds, and write down as many things as possible that you're grateful for, no matter how small. Then set a high-vibe intention for your mood.

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xo, Kimberly

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