General Meal Guidelines

  1. Start Each day with the VIBRANT Energy Boost Drink.

  2. Eat 5 small meals per day consisting of mostly protein, vegetables, and unprocessed foods.

    • Balanced meals [every 2-3 hours] to keep you full and energized include 3 macros: protein, carbs, and good fats. Think clean, green & lean! Cook with healthy oils like coconut oil, olive oil or grapeseed oil. 

  3. Do your best to stay away from anything  processed and anything with added sugar.

    • If it comes in a box, bag or can and has ingredients you can't pronounce, it's processed! Read labels...sugar is hiding everywhere! All those unidentifiable ingredients and high-sodium foods are causing bloat, so the less of them you eat, the lighter you'll feel! Check the SUPERFOODS list and the Cleanse-friendly snacks & drinks list for good, clean, food ideas.

  4. Eat at least one superfood at least once per daY

  5. Stay hydrated with at least 70 ounces of water, throughout the day  . 

  6. Try to eat your last meal at least 2 hours before you go to bed. 

Optional Meal Plan

Note: ALL meals are interchangeable. For example, you can eat meal 1 any time of day, or eat meal 2 for both your second and fourth meal, etc. This is just a sample plan for those who like more structure rather than flexibility ;) 

All of the RECIPES for the meals below can be found HERE


Before 10am, have your VIBRANT Energy Boost Drink!  : )

Meal 1:

Egg scramble with veggies  OR plain greek yogurt with 1 cup berries or fruit  OR  1 protein pancake  OR  2 egg muffins

Meal 2:

Protein Smoothie  OR  plain greek yogurt with one piece of fruit  OR a banana with 1 Tbsp almond butter

MeaL 3:

Citrus or Kale Salad + 4-6 oz protein  OR   lettuce wraps + 4-6 oz protein  OR    1 Naked Turkey Burger

Meal 4:

2 cups raw veggies + 1/4 cup hummus or guacamole  OR  3 blueberry mini muffins

Meal 5:

Dinner medley  OR  1 cup green veggies + 1/2 baked sweet potato + 4-6 oz lean protein [cooked in coconut oil or olive oil]


I like to have tea after dinner because it helps with digestion [and let's be honest, it keeps me from wanting dessert every night!]
For the cleanse, you can choose from one of my favorite Yogi  Detox teas if you'd like: DetoxBerry DetoxPeach Detox or Skin Detox
Kombucha is also a good after-dinner drink option. I like to pour mine in a wine glass and sip away while winding down for the day.

Q & A

What if I eat out?

That's ok! Just choose clean, green & lean...avoid fried or breaded foods, pasta, muffins, cheeses, and heavy dressings or sauces.
For example, for breakfast choose an omelet with veggies [hold the cheese] and a side of fruit [instead of fried potatoes or buttered toast.] For lunch, choose a salad with protein or a wrap. For dinner, choose a grilled protein with a side of veggies and rice. 

What about drinks?

Drink all the water, [unsweetened] hot or iced tea, [unsweetened] sparkling water, and kombucha your heart desires. Steer clear of any soda [including diet soda], 

Alcoholic beverages are not recommended during a cleanse, but if you choose to have a couple drinks on the weekend, go for wine or a light cocktail with sparkling water and lemon. 

What if I'm hungry or my energy is low?

First, drink a glass of water! Sometimes when we feel hungry we are actually just dehydrated. If you're still hungry in 10 minutes, eat your next small meal within the general guidelines, and take a look at your portion may need to add a little more food to each meal. Everyone is different and has different calorie needs, so listen to your body :)

What if everyone else is eating pizza?!

It's YOUR life, and it's your job to make the decisions that are best for YOU. You are stronger than a little peer pressure. If you choose not to participate in the unhealthy foods, you can just say "I'm not in the mood for that" or "I'm doing a Cleanse Challenge this week". No need to justify yourself or get into the "dieting" topic - eating clean isn't dieting, it's just a healthy, happy, vibrant way of life!


No worries, just shoot me an email at and I'll get back to you ASAP! : )