I'm an NLP Practioner

What is MER?

Mental Emotional Release® (MER) is a clinically-researched NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) approach that aims to help you release anxiety, stress, fear and any other negative emotions

It’s like an emotional detox for clearing negative emotions and beliefs that are holding you back, gaining control over your life, and even overcoming procrastination.

This quick, yet long-lasting technique includes a scripted interview process where the client works with their unconscious mind and memories stored in the unconscious to uncover the “root cause” of the negative emotion or limiting belief. 


It’s one of the fastest and most effective ways to “clear” negative emotions.

What the MINDSET RESET Intensive does…

  • Clears emotional clutter so you can focus on taking action on your big ideas
  • Removes limiting beliefs so you feel empowered and confident in your life and business
  • Creates a solid plan for taking inspired action and achieving your big goals
  • Reduces anxiety around business/career, money, and success by installing a SMART goal into your future

This is for you if… 

  • You’re tired of the voices in your head telling you “you’re not good enough”
  • You don’t want those pesky “who do you think you are?” imposter syndrome thoughts that creep in and kill your mojo
  • You’re done with the fear, doubt and insecurities that are keeping you overwhelmed and uncertain when it comes to making big decisions
  • You’re ready to clear all the emotional baggage that’s been filed away in your memories since childhood
  • You want to take your power back and choose new, empowering thoughts and beliefs about what’s possible for you and your life
  • You’re ready for a clarity and confidence uplevel in your life and business
  • You’ve been sabotaging your own progress and you know it...but you don’t know how to stop
  • You know deep down that you’re meant for more, but something is keeping you stuck

Here’s What’s Included:


2 Hour Coaching Session

Removing Limiting Beliefs, Reducing Anxiety Session & Releasing Negative Emotions

1 Hour Coaching Session

SMART Goals Strategy Session + NLP technique to install your goal into your future


This is the “easy button” for removing limiting beliefs, negative emotions, sabotaging patterns and energy blocks!



One payment of  $497

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Client Love


"It was so easy to work with Kimberly through this process! She was able to help me sift through damaging beliefs, helping me get to the root of the actual issue. We were able to reframe harmful thoughts I recently developed as well as release beliefs I've held about myself most of my life. I felt a strong sense of peace after our session. We identified next steps so I can begin to experience life and business without being held back by those old beliefs!"

-Courtney Boyer


“I had a limiting belief clearing session with Kim and it was transformational.  Kim does such a brilliant job when it comes to uncovering the root cause of the issue, and really helped me not only to clarify but also to remove negative beliefs I had around feeling like there was a “never enough time to do the things I want to do” and that “I’m not good at managing money”.  There were some other ones too that we cleared and I can’t even remember what they were - that’s how good this process is! I feel inspired to take action and am ready to allow magic in.

- Mariya Volos


“I had a laser session with Kimberly who did a limiting beliefs process with me and 🤯🤯🤯🤯I was really unsure of the process but then I chose to be open and coachable. IT WAS UNREAL. I don’t even know if I did it right?! Discovering the origination of one of my beliefs BLEW my mind. I may have cried.” 

- Nicole H.